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Annie II

Annie II
    Status:  Adopted
Personality: Playful, happy girl   Animal's Origin: Shelter
Date received: 07/19/2010
Age: 2 Years ol      Gender:  Female
    Color:  Fawn
Altered: Pending  
Weight:  13 lbs   Medical condition:  Recovering from Demodex Mange, Luxating patelllas
Other:    Special needs: 
Meet darling little Annie! Annie was picked up by Orange County Animal Control as a stray, so we don't know her story. What we do know is that she recently had a litter of puppies, and they were not with her, so we hope they are weaned and well. Annie has Demodex mange, and has likely had it for much of her life - thus the bald patches. It is not contagious, and is being treated, once her hair grows back in, this little doll will be absolutely gorgeous! The vet did say that there is one spot in particular that was pretty bad, and that the hair may not come back in that spot. Her foster mom suggest a lovely little dress or shirt for Annie when she goes out for a bit, so no one will be turned off by her patchy coat - girls do like to look their best! Annie has been diagnosed with luxating patellas, which means her knees pop in and out, occasionally causing some "skipping" when she runs. It is fairly common in Pugs, and the best thing for it is to keep her thin, active so the muscles in her legs stay strong, and give her a glucosamine supplement to keep those joints lubricated. For a tiny Pug like Annie, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Annie is scheduled to be spayed on August 2nd, and once she recovers, she'll be ready to go to her new forever family! Her foster mom says Annie must know her luck has changed, and that Annie just melts into her arms whenever she is picked up. Annie is playful, happy girl, full of snuggles and Pug joy. Let us know if you'd like to add this sweet little girl to your family.
New Beginning: Annie is doing great in her new home, her new family said that her first day was excellent with lots of playing and naps with her new pug brother Puggy. She's a wonderful new addition to the family and we wish them the best!

Annie II
Annie II Annie II
Annie II Annie II