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    Status:  Adopted
Personality: Mellow, Sweet   Animal's Origin: Owner Relinquishment
Date received: 11/12/2010
Age: 6 years      Gender:  Male
    Color:  Fawn
Altered: Yes  
Weight:  23 lbs   Medical condition:  None known
Other:    Special needs: 
Introducing Frank, a great guy with a sad story. Frank comes to Pug Rescue because his owner died. Family tried to take him in, but it just didnít work out. Not knowing what else to do, the family brought Frank to the shelter in Calabasas and luckily, he made his way here to Pug Rescue. Frank has definitely had some major upheaval in his life lately, and we're sure he misses his person, but he is a great dog, and settling into his foster home well. He is a lover and a snuggler with an adorable personality. Frank is very sweet with a spunky side to him. He loves people and canít wait to get on your lap. Frank wants to be with people all the time. Clearly, Frank has been treated well in his previous home. He is house trained and gets along well with other dogs. Frank is very well behaved. He even waits for permission before getting up on furniture or laps for the first time. There has been no problem marking in his foster home. He is leash trained and loves to go on walks. Frank figured out how to use the doggy door at his foster home with no training. What a little smarty pants!Frank has a very mellow personality and is very easy going. Besides going on walks, he really likes eating, sleeping (and snoring), and having his tummy rubbed. What a cute little guy!Frank has no known health issues but is a little fulled figured. Going on walks should take care of that with no problem! If you think you'd like to add Frank to your family this holiday season, contact us to learn how to meet him. We just know that you and Frank will be thankful to be in each other's life!

Frank Frank
Frank Frank