February 12, 2021



Dear Members, Supporters and Friends ~


    We hope all of you have been able to stay well and safe during the past year.  For all of us at

Pug Rescue, we find it very hard to believe that over a year has passed since we first heard the

term, “COVID 19”.  However, just like you, we will never forget it ~ nor all the grief, loss of jobs,

hardship and worldwide upset it has caused.


    During the past year we have been immeasurably grateful to all of you who continued, in spite

of what adversities and suffering you might have been facing, to support the Pugs and our efforts to

respond to their needs.  It has never been truer to say that we could not have carried on with

this work if it had not been for that support.


    As you know, Pug Rescue was forced to cancel six of our seven events last year.  I very much

regret having to say that we are facing the very same situation today, except that we have had to

cancel all seven events this year. 


   This action was not taken lightly, and although we are disappointed to have to do it, we are not

surprised that it was necessary.  It is anticipated that vaccinations for all Americans (who choose to

get them) will not be completed until the end of July.  This is assuming that all new variants will

respond favorably to the vaccines available.


    If the vaccines are as effective as hoped, and if the law allows, we are hoping to perhaps be able to

hold one or two of our outdoor events later in the year.  However that will depend on exactly what the

situation is at that time.  We will keep you informed of any upcoming events via social media and this



    It has always been Pug Rescue’s policy to do what we feel is best and right ~ for the Pugs and for

all of those who support us and interact with us.  We feel that, given the foreseeable future, this is the

best way to proceed, and the best, most responsible use of resources.


    It is our intent and desire to continue to strive to care for the Pugs we receive.  We ask for

your patience and support while we do so.   We are hoping, praying and looking forward to the time

that we can all return to enjoying happy occasions, shared with you and your precious Pugs.


 On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, thank you again for your unfailing support and understanding.


 Very Sincerely,


 Barbara McNair, M.A.