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    Status:  Adopted
Personality:    Animal's Origin: Shelter
Date received: 04/25/23
Age: 4-6 years      Gender:  Male
    Color:  Fawn
Altered: Yes  
Weight:  20 lbs.   Medical condition:  None known
Other:    Special needs: 
Even though the vet says he’s around 4 to 6 years old, Herman acts like a true puppy with endless amounts of energy. He has the sweetest face we’ve ever seen and is so soft, he feels like a real life teddy bear.

Herman wants nothing more than to be cuddled up close to his family and to follow them around the house wherever they go.

He lives with another pug and while they tolerate each other, he would probably be better in a house where he’s the only dog and gets all the attention for himself. Herman can’t wait to meet his forever family 🥰

Herman Herman
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