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Available Pugs

We are very good at finding Pugs a forever home. The average time a Pug spends between relinquishment and his/her new home is not usually more than a few weeks. We update our available list on a regular basis as Pugs come in to our care and go into their new forever homes. The list below is not necessarily complete. We occasionally have available Pugs in Foster Care, but with no photos to display here. The Pugs listed below are currently in foster care and available. Remember, we ALWAYS have new Pugs coming in. Please contact us at if you would like information on them.

Please go to our Adoptions page to find out how to begin the process of adoption. Any questions, please email us at Once you have applied for a pug, you will be notified when new pugs come in. It is not uncommon for a younger, healthy pug to be adopted almost immediately and not even show up here, so if you want to wait for a younger pug, be sure to let us know.

WE NEED FOREVER HOMES!!! Please read our stories below.
If you would like to adopt one of us, please email or call Pug Rescue (619 685-3580).

Chenille   (See my Bio)

*Color: Black
*Rescued: 04/06/24
*Age: 1 year
*Gender: Female

Parker   (See my Bio)

*Color: Fawn
*Rescued: 04/24/24
*Age: 2 years
*Gender: Male