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Becoming a Foster Parent

Thank you for wanting to foster our homeless Pugs. This is one area of Pug Rescue of San Diego County (PRSDC) that is extremely important and can be very rewarding. Foster parents provide key information about a Pug's health, temperament, and behavior.

In order to be considered as a foster parent we require that you complete a Foster Application by filling in the online foster application and you must join PRSDC as a member. Upon receipt of the application, you will be contacted by a volunteer to schedule a house check. Once the house check is done, we will place you on the list of potential foster homes and will be in touch when we need help.

Click Here to apply to be a Foster

Our goal is to place the Pug as soon as possible. The typical stay in a foster home is a few days to a few weeks. There may be times that it takes longer to place a Pug or when a Pug needs to have extensive medical care before it can be placed. Older, sicker Pugs take longer to place. Some of our foster parents have had Pugs for more extended periods of time.

We have a special arrangement called "Forever Fosters." Sometimes our foster parents agree to provide a "permanent" home for a particularly old or sick Pug who cannot be placed. They become a long-term foster home in this case. We pay all medical expenses for the Pug, but the foster parents provide a home for the duration of the Pug's life. This is for very special cases and is not expected of any of our foster parents.

We never know when a Pug will be coming to PRSDC, therefore, you may be called to foster without much notice. It is okay to say you cannot foster at this time, but you should rethink becoming a foster parent if you are traveling a lot or not home for most of the day.

Foster parents are extremely important to our work. We would like to thank you in advance for your sacrifice of time, sleep, and space. You will not be disappointed!


- Suzi Schutzman
Adoptions and Medical Administrator
Pug Rescue of San Diego County

Questions about being a foster parent? Please contact us at