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Strollin Seniors

Welcome to Pug Rescue's Strollin' Seniors page! Here you will find our beloved older crowd, Pugs that are 8 years and over. Many people overlook older dogs, but really, a Pug's golden years are the best ones! Pugs can live a long time, and routinely see their early teens. An older dog is often house trained, and does not need the same amount of exercise a youngster does. A nice evening stroll will do just fine for an older dog. A senior has been around, and is less likely to be a barker, because after all, life isn't that startling any more, is it?

They are well past their chewing stages, and I doubt you'll find a senior Pug that is going to dig up the yard. Seniors seem to approach life with a bit more class than the younger crowd, and they are so very grateful for a warm bed and regular meals. Many of our seniors have been abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves, and they, especially, are appreciative, adoring companions. A senior dog will not bug you for attention, but instead is often happy to nap on a dog bed until you are ready for a snuggle. Not very demanding, but full of love and willing to pal around when you are, what could be better?

Here at Pug Rescue of San Diego, we treasure our senior Pugs, and are known for the special care and attention we lavish on them. Loving a Pug is a wonderful thing, being loved by a senior Pug is truly something to experience.

Oh, and you're wondering why we call them Strollin' Seniors? Two reasons - because so very many of them enjoy riding around in their doggie strollers, and because unlike the youngsters rushing around, a senior dog knows how to truly enjoy a nice stroll.

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Without your help, we would not be able to work such miracles as rescuing the sweet Millie.