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Special Needs pugs available for adoption

Please consider making a donation to Pug Rescue of San Diego County so that we can continue to save sick, injured and abandoned pugs.

Welcome to Pug Rescue of San Diego County's Special Needs page! Thanks for stopping by, please let us introduce you some of our most beloved and treasured Pugs. Lots of Pugs come to us with a variety of health issues -- skin problems, breathing difficulties, poor vision, and deafness are some of the things we see most frequently. PRSDC takes them in and gets them the best veterinary care possible, and they are then placed into dedicated foster homes where they are lovingly tended and treated like one of the family. Our Special Needs Pugs are available for adoption, but because they have different needs than a healthy dog, they are often overlooked as being too much work or too expensive. So, Pug Rescue continues to care for them, making sure all of their health needs are met, and they often become Long Term Fosters. This simply means that their foster parents are aware that these special foster dogs may stay for months, years, or in some cases, for the rest of their lives. Pug Rescue could not help these Pugs without the support of these very special, very dedicated foster parents. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to them for loving our Special Needs Pugs. Consider adding one of these very special Pugs to your life by adopting, if you can't do that, consider making a small donation so that Pug Rescue can continue to care for them. Thanks for visiting!

Please go to our Adoptions page to find out how to begin the process of adoption. Any questions, please email us at or call Pug Rescue (619 685 3580)

Without your help, we would not be able to work such miracles as rescuing the sweet Hannah Hope, who looked like this when we took her in:

Thanks to donations of our members for her vet bills and the tireless work of our volunteers, looked like this one year later: