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I Need Help Finding My Pug a New Permanent Home

It is the goal and intent of Pug Rescue to adopt every dog received into a new, permanent home as soon as possible.

Sad Pug
Relinquishing a Pug is never easy. We understand that there may be many reasons why you cannot keep your loved one. Rest assured that we do not judge you and that our reputation is based on our finding your Pug a loving, forever home.

When you relinquish your Pug you must make arrangements directly with our Adoptions Administrator, Suzi Schutzman. She handles the relinquishment and adoption process. Please keep in mind the following when you relinquish your Pug to us:
  • The dog must be a pure bred Pug.
  • You must be the owner of the dog.
  • You must bring the dog to a foster parent who then handles the adoption to the new family.
  • When you bring your Pug to the foster parent please bring the following: all vet records and/or the name, address, and phone number of your vet; the Pug's bedding, food, and toys; and a leash and collar.
  • This is a permanent transfer of ownership of the pug. We cannot give you information about the adoptive parents and you cannot meet them. If you want to contact them, we can give them your information and leave it up to them.
When you relinquish your Pug, please be honest with us. To begin the relinquishment process, please email us at or call the PRSDC hotline at (619) 685 - 3580 and leave a specific message.

A donation will help us care for your loved one and others who need a forever home!
Questions about relinquishing? Please contact us at