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New Beginnings for these adopted pugs

Welcome to Pug Rescue of San Diego County's New Beginnings page!
Here is where we get to celebrate our lovable Pugs finding their forever homes. This is our favorite part, seeing these awesome Pugs find their dream home and getting to enjoy life the way all Pugs should - treasured and adored. Enjoy your visit here! If you have adopted a Pug from Pug Rescue of San Diego County, and would like their story added to this page, please contact us at

We'd love to celebrate more New Beginnings!

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Introducing Lola and Rocco!

I知 Lola. I知 10 years young. I知 a laid back kind of girl. I LOVE to sleep on the back of a soft couch or blanket, short walks, yummy food. I had my shots and most of my teeth taken out when I came to Pug Rescue San Diego because my teeth were hurting badly. I知 looking for a loving home I can spend the rest of my life next to you & my little brother on a soft couch dreaming about my next yummy meal.

I知 Rocco. I am a big black handsome 8 years pug. I love kissing you on your face until it痴 all clean, some sleep, definitely food, little walk, and run around like a crazy pug. I get along with all dogs and humans. I知 still a little curious cat, but know when to chill out. My sister and I are ready to make you the happiest people alive with all of our love.

Introducing Toby AKA Chuck!

Toby is very friendly guy and likes to be where everyone else is! He warms up to people right away and likes to always keep an eye on foster mom, who calls him her shadow! He lives with another dog in his foster home and they get along great.

Toby is older and a bit clumsy on his feet and occasionally runs into things and slips. He does not mind one bit, though and gets right back up! Like many pugs, he has dry eyes and will require drops for the rest of his life to keep his eyes nice and moist. He also is prone to ear infections, but should be fine with regular ear cleanings. All in all, he is a healthy dog with a sweet temperament.